Team Journey Program Sequence

Team Journey Program Sequence

To build a high-performing team that is capable of achieving its goals and objectives through collaboration, communication, and continuous improvement.

Jelajah Outdoor Team Journey Program provides a solution for building a sustainable team for your organization. Its goal is to optimize collaboration among team members, enhance productivity, and achieve better results together. It involves reflection sessions, discussions, and action planning to improve team effectiveness.

Our Training and Development program implements the concept of “Team Learning” which emphasizes collaborative learning and knowledge transfer within teams.

The activity design is based on the “Experiential Learning” method, which prioritizes hands-on, interactive experiences and fosters rich personal and team reflections.

Key Objective of Team Learning

  • Develop a Shared Vision
  • Enhance Communication and Collaboration
  • Increase Knowledge and Skills
  • Improve Decision-Making
  • Build a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Team Journey Program Sequence

  • Collective acting; group or team will coming together to perform or take action collectively for a common purpose or cause. It implies collaborative efforts by a group of people to achieve a shared goal or address a particular issue.
  • Team reflecting; group or team will collectively reviewing and evaluating their experiences, actions, and outcomes to gain insights and improve performance. It involves analyzing the team’s successes, challenges, and areas for growth, allowing the team to learn from their experiences and make better decisions in the future. Reflecting as a team can foster open communication, enhance teamwork, and strengthen the team’s overall effectiveness.
  • Knowledge sharing; act of disseminating and sharing information, experiences, expertise, or skills with others, typically in a collaborative and open manner. It involves the voluntary exchange of knowledge to help others learn and benefit from the shared knowledge. With shared knowledge, it will increase the process of team learning.
  • Mutual adjustment; from each activities individuals or groups interact and adapt their behaviors, strategies, or actions to achieve better alignment and coordination with one another. It involves making changes or modifications based on mutual understanding and agreement, allowing different parties to work together more effectively towards common goals.

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