Sindoro - Sumbing

Coffee & Indigo Journey

Journey through coffee & indigo natural dye that reflect indigenious culture, values & tradition.Apa benar cita rasa kopi temanggung ada aroma tembakau?
Exciting and authentic journey for your summer vacation. If you are an avid traveler, a coffee lover, content creator, and for you who in the coffee and fashion business.

What we will cover for you?

Program Highlights

The infamous Temanggung Coffee

Where the coffee you enjoy so much come from? In this journey you'll get to know the cultivator in person. We take you from learning about the planting, caring, harvesting and the best part "making your own special brew".

Indigo Natural Dye

Indigo Plantation Tour and Natural Dye Short Course with local expert. We'll take you to indigo natural dye processing. This particular activity will take you to the largest indigo plantation in Indonesia. How to make indigo paste naturally and in the end you'll learn to make your own shibori.

Homestay Living

With homestay living you'll also get to know the people with enough sharing moment for insightful knowledge. You'll be making your own javanese traditional food and visiting natural and heritage site, the most authentic way.